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lunes, 28 de enero de 2013

Kombo Kolombia Band Tortured and Dismembered

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat
16 Members and 4 others went missing Thursday at least 8 bodies found

Authorities of Nuevo Leon state performed an intense mobilization in the municipality of Mina on Sunday afternoon after an anonymous call alerted  the whereabouts of the members of the musical group Kombo Kolombia. The group was kidnapped by an armed group last Friday morning.
The police officers received the mysterious call and headed to the location given to them.  At kilometer 92 of the highway to Monclova, a water well (other reports say "mine")  was located and several bodies inside.
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Troopers of the Civil Force, the Mexican Army, and Federal Police secured the area to allow staff of the State Agency of Investigations to perform their work.
The clandestine grave was found near a road to El Espinazo community.
Credible reports indicate that the l bodies have been found in that location. The anonymous call to the authorities also mentioned the bodies were from members of the Kombo Kolombia band.
Other reports mention that the members of the Kombo Kolombia band were tortured and executed. The bodies were dismembered and buried in the clandestine grave.
It was after a private performance on Thursday night that the band disappeared from the city of Hidalgo about 80 miles north of Monterrey and 40 miles south of the US border.  On Friday at 4 AM citizens in the area where the bodies were found hear a series of gunshots and vehicles speeding away.

One unidentified member managed to escape and alert the army.  He reports that they were loaded onto a truck at the La Carreta and taken in front of a well/mine at which time he managed to run and jump into a hole and hide.
Most of the band members lived in Monterrey and at least one is a citizen of Colombia.
It is not known why the group would be targeted, unlike other bands they did not sing narco corridos, songs that glorify drug traffickers.  They stayed away from that genre of music.
Authorities are keep quiet and not sharing details but unofficial reports say at least 8 bodies were found at the site.  Keep in mind authorities have only confirmed that 8 bodies were retrieved so far, other details have been from other sources.
The Band's notebook

La Carreta the site of the private performance

The town of "Mina" where the bodies were found
Source: Neglected War and Chivis

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