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lunes, 26 de marzo de 2012

Auckland workers: fighting for a fair deal

Dockers in the port of Auckland 
Thousands of people turned out to a rally in support of Auckland workers sacked by port management.
Dockers from across the region joined the march in New Zealand on Saturday afternoon to show solidarity with members of the ITF- affiliated Maritime Union of New Zealand (MUNZ).  Others worldwide sent messages of support to workers involved in the long running dispute with Ports of Auckland Limited (POAL) which came to a head this week when POAL gave notice to the union that 300 wharfies would be made redundant and their stevedoring work contracted out.

In addition to the support of fellow port workers, the Auckland wharfies rally also attracted students, teachers, firefighters and ITF unions from across the supply chain.

I Sent a letter of protest:

Dear Mayor Brown,

We are distressed to hear about the latest developments in the Ports of Auckland involving the illegal locking out of workers. We had believed that progress was being made in resolving this dispute and that management was prepared to re-enter negotiations with the Maritime Union of New Zealand.

We call on you to listen to the overwhelming support for Auckland workers both within your own community and around the world, and take steps to resolve this crisis before the port is run into the ground and confidence in your council is irretrievably lost. The rogue members of your board, namely POA Chairman Richard Pearson and CEO Tony Gibson, have resorted to dirty, underhand tactics in this dispute and are tarnishing the reputation of the board with each new aggressive assault on workers.

Auckland workers are fighting for a fair deal, for their livelihoods, their future and their families. We know these are things, as Mayor of Auckland, that you will also strive to preserve. We have full confidence that you will act swiftly to replace those board members who seek to undermine the core labour rights values that we all hold so dear.

Conrado Garcia Jamin
Centro de Desarrollo y Acción Laboral

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